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What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)+Modern Sorensen system  Foot Reflexology?

Danish Reflexologist Lone Sorensen developed Sorensen system TCM-based Foot Reflexology.

The ancient  Chinese Medicine way of looking at disease, analysing disease. body/mind and

health  uses meridians which appear throughout the body to treat disease.  TCM Foot Reflexology

puts the emphasis on the idea of ancient Chinese medicine to see in a holistic way .

The Modern Sorensen System Foot Reflexology approach combines meridian theory and the nervous

system into an application of  a  highly professional treament.

Works for : harmonising the body and increasing immunity , quickly relieving stress , pain relief ,  

improved circulation and obtaining lymphatic flow very quickly.

What is Neulo Foot Reflexology?

Neuro Foot Reflexology Therapy  "Praxis Vertebralis"  This is a Tibetan Neuro Reflexology Therapy

methodbased in Posturology, which is a method that is performed on the feet.

Works for : restoring some fundamental balances in the body and also helps to rebalance some

postural problems.

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