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My Story

My name is Harumi Macphail and I am the founder of HEALING TREE

by Harumi, focusing on Natural Therapies. 


Originally from Japan, I've been practicing natural therapies in since 2009. 

I moved to Australia with my husband in 2015 and have been living on the

Northern Beaches since. 


HEALING TREE by Harumi was born out of my own personal health transformation. 


In 2007 I was diagnosed with a serious lung disease, the doctors told

me that the only way to treat it was through the use of strong steroids and if left

untreated it could spread to my heart.

The use of strong steroids and there possible side affects did not sit well with me,

so I decided to explore alternative ways to treat my illness. 

Through studying different natural therapy modalities and taking on a more holistic

lifestyle approach, I was able to completely heal my illnes.

Reflexology Association of Australia (RAoA) Professional Member

Certified Singing Ring ®︎ Association Therapist (Sound Healing)



* Phyto therapy; Phyto therapist in Japan (Sophia Phyto-therapy College)

*  Bach International Bach Flower Foundation Registered Practitioner 

(BFRP  : JPP-2012-0914M)

* Facial Reflexology (Lone SorensensistemTM)

* TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Foot Reflexology

(Lone SorensensistemTM)                                                        

* Japanese Cosmo Face Lift (Lone SorensensistemTM)

* Facial Lymphatic Drainage (Lone SorensensistemTM)

* Cosmo Eye: Ocular therapy (Lone SorensensistemTM)

* Neuro Foot Ⅰ・Ⅱ・Ⅲ & Neuro Hand (Lone SorensensistemTM)

* Tibetan Neck & Scalp Reflexology (Lone SorensensistemTM)

* Colon link Advance (Lone SorensensistemTM)

* Singing Ring ®︎ Association Certified Therapist (Sound Healing)

* Aromatic Acupressure and Meridian Massage (ITHMA)


My Approach

My passion is to help others to uncover their own power of self-healing.

My message to you ~ While I was learning the holistic way of healing, I've noticed and believe that people can heal themselves, young, old, it doesn't matter, you just need to be open to bettering yourself and you just need to know how with some help. Listen to your body and heart, eat proper food and live in moderation (not too Yin and not too Yang, try to stay in the middle).

I want to help people through my Reflexology techniques, Aromatherapy Massage, Bach Flower remedy counselling and Sound Healing therapy.

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