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Tibetan Head ,Neck and Back reflexology                             

Specific  acupressure points that help ease various upper body muscle tension, headaches  & migraines.                      


Cosmo & Body Detox

Lose Weight Easily And Naturally


Are You Tired Of Dieting And Having To Fight With Yourself To Exercise?


Cosmo Body Reflexology therapy gives you the results you need to deal with your weight issues and to improve your overall wellbeing!  

Being overweight or underweight has many causes such as improper diet, lack of exercise, illness, psychological problems, hormonal problems, etc. Whatever the cause, the body's chemical functions are involved and essential functions are out of balance.

How Does Reflex Therapy Work for your body?

* A Natural Way to Regulate The Body´s Chemistry *
This method regulates the body's physical and chemical balance and is a completely natural and safe method of

treatment - without the use of toxic drugs.


This method consists of a system with 564 nerve points distributed on both sides of the face. Each point has a

connection to organs, glands, muscles and chemical processes in our body. These points can be combined in countless

ways and thereby can alleviate many different dysfunctions. To choose the right points and zones, it is important that a person's health condition is analysed by a professional therapist who has deep insight into combining the 564 nerve points and zones specifically tailored for an individual's problem.


Through stimulation, it is possible to send impulses through the central nervous system to certain organs, increase blood circulation, regulate body chemistry and treat the emotional state.

Zen sound Drainage (Singing Ring  Therapy                                          

The vibration of the sound of Singing Ring Therapy helps to  harmonise & tune  your mind , body and spirit.  

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