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Healing Tree

Natural Therapy By Harumi


About Me

My name is Harumi Macphail and I am the founder of HEALING TREE by Harumi, focusing on Natural Therapies. 


Originally from Japan, I've been practicing natural therapies since 2009.


I moved to Australia with my husband in 2015 and have been living on the

Northern Beaches since. 

My passion is to help others to uncover their own power of self-healing.

Keep your balance, healthy mind, healthy body and shining beauty. Relax and heal with Healing Tree's therapies.

~ Harumi 

Some of my treatments

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Cosmo face lift

Japanese cosmo lifting is a combination of different facial reflexology techniques and methods to stimulate and balance all organs.

I use techniques that work on the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and cleanse the skin naturally. Cosmo lifting also tightens and helps soften deep lines, wrinkles, ease facial muscle problems and can help with the release of emotions.  

Facial & Foot Reflexology 

Foot & Facial Reflexology is a holistic reflexology treatment which encourages the natural healing processes to help with the individuals health and wellbeing

Sound Healing

Singing Ring ®︎ has the sound of harmonic overtone and sound resonance.

The sound of Singing Ring®︎ improves our natural healing process & activates the cells of our bodies. Tune your body, mind and spirit with Singing Ring®︎ !!


I have been suffering from Rosacea for  many years and found a significant relief after several facial    reflexology treatments. I no longer need any medication and feel more confident. 

~ Client 

Harumi has been treating me with Reflexology from 2016.

She is the most calm, caring professional person I have ever met and treated me. I am the healthiest I have been in a long time. I always look forward to seeing Harumi.

~ Client 

Amazing! After receiving TCM Foot Reflexology, the pain in the stomach which continued for 2days has    


~ Client 

Healing Tree by Harumi
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Address on request / Nortern Beaches Sydney

Phone: 0478 153 878

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